• Choosing the Right Type of Concentrate Rig

    When you smoke your weed through a concentrate rig, you are considered to be smoking in style. Glass is classic – and incomparable when it comes to getting a fresh clean smoke.

    Choosing the Right Type of Concentrate Rig

    A mini dab rig has the added convenience of being easy to carry around because of its size. You can also opt to put a mini oil rig inside the fridge to cool so you can get a cool smoke when you use it. However, you cannot do this with a small concentrate rig made of glass. The change in temperature will go through when you light a flame to smoke is likely to cause it to crack.
    Concentrate rigs are easy to sculpt and color so you have a wide range of options as far as style and color are concerned. Their cool, unique, beautiful, and fun designs usually compel people to use the dabbing / concentrate rigs as décor and conversation pieces
    Glass concentrate rigs can be cheap. If you are planning to take one with you on a road trip or planning to use it with a group to pass around, a cheap glass concentrate rig is a good choice. If you lose it, you are not going to mind so much.

    So oil bongs are simply a normal bong which has been slightly altered to accept oil. “Bong” is a derivative of the “baung,” a Thai word that refers to the cylindrical bamboo tube that people use to smoke with. If you want an authentic feel from your smoking experience, you can use a bamboo bong. They are durable and not as expensive as glass. They also have a natural or organic appeal. If you want an ornamental bong, you can look for one on which an artist has carved or burned a beautiful intricate design.

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