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    So last week I was thinking of what to buy my brother for his combination of Christmas and birthday present, as he was born on Christmas day, much to my mothers plans! So obviously having gone through a hippy age myself I new the perfect present for a smoker is a brand new sparkly bong! It had been so long since I was a smoker that I had literally zero ideas on where to buy a bong and getting a fragile glass bong delivered in the post felt risky so I got in touch with the best head shop online, which had been recommended by smokers everywhere I visited such as forums etc. A few other popular forum members mentioned I could buy bongs at HerbTools but I decided to go with Lemon-Smoke.com, as they replied to my email within the hour, which was pretty impressive as I normally have to wait at least a day with most places I shop online.

    Head Shops & Bongs


    I had some general questions on how the glass bongs were packaged and if they had a replacement policy if it was damaged on delivery. I Was assured they always replaced any damages quickly with next day delivery to the UK. That was all I needed to know so I went a head on ordered a bong for my brothers birthday and Christmas present. As promised, the glass bongs arrived the very next day and the packaging was very impressive.


    Cheap Percolator Bongs in Glass

    While cheap percolators bongs from herbtools are very popular with smokers, you should remember that Tobacco is a drug, get info on drugs and drug advice before smoking. It is true that cheap percolator bongs will help remove much more toxins than a joint, but the percolator does not remove everything.

    Everything went nicely to plan as I had the sense to buy some bongs from herbtools.com  in advance, my brother said the bongs he already had were no where near as high quality as his new one and asked me for the head shop I had bought it from, he has even placed a couple of orders with them himself! I would strongly recommend you visit this head shop for all your bong needs, they also have some really cool lighters and smoking accessories to pick from, I didn’t have a huge budget so I didn’t buy any of the extras, but they looked really cool.

    Head Shops & Bongs

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    Monday 5th June 2017 at 23:13
    Tuesday 1st August 2017 at 02:26

    If you are looking for a new bong, bubbler, dab rig or hand pipe than you really have to check out brothers with glass, they have been an online headshop that offers the best american brands, they ship your pipe for free and also have the best prices. They are based in portland oregon and ship glass bongs all over the world. Since they have been an online headshop since 2010 they are a trusted source to purchase glass! Shop from The Honest Headshop! 







    Friday 3rd November 2017 at 20:14

    Thanks for sharing! Always good to know what you're purchasing before you buy a bong or water pipe. It's also good to find an online headshop that offers American-made glass so you know that you're not getting a piece that's going to break right after you buy it!

    Friday 10th November 2017 at 10:06

    Dear Sir/ Madam, 

    We are pleased to introduce our firm to you, "Anil Industries" based in New Delhi India, We are one of the leading manufacture and exporter of Smoking Glass Bongs, Acrylic Bongs and Accessories in India more than 30 years.

    Please enclosed the attached PDF file and have a look at our company profile.

    And you can also visit to our website. 
    Website -"www.anilindustries.in"

    It would be a sincere pleasure to hear back from you soon.


    Thanks & Regards, 


    Vikash Kumar Singh

    Thursday 1st February 2018 at 05:43

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    Sunday 18th February 2018 at 17:00

    I always recommend to not wait till the last minute when you order your bongs or dab rigs. I also recommend looking at online headshops for the best bongs and best dab rigs that allow for the smoothest hits. I noticed in your writing you mentioned buying a bong and having it ship in a few days to your door step. Is it the image or is that bong curved? Also is that bong a 28 or 30 inch ripper? It looks cool af the way that bong has one large chamber for the smoke to travel through and if you had ice in it,  then it wouldn't be a harsh hit.  


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