• How to pick an online headshop

    How to pick an online headshop


    With an online headshop you need to be careful with many things. There are so many online headshops about that you should stop and think about some really important factors before you make your purchase. It is easy to get excited and rush into making your purchase without checking up on some crucial points. Before you rush into anything please give my list a read or head straight over to online headshop - herbtools.co.uk and make a confident purchase as they are the best!


    So if you are looking for bongs check this list:

    • Are their parcels being sent out in plain, discreet boxes?
    • Is their billing going to be private when viewed on your bank statement?
    • Do they give tracking for shipments?
    • Do they have a good reputation and support their customers?
    • Are their prices fair?


    There are many questions you might have, but these are the most critical ones. www.herbtools.co.uk has all of this covered so I always stick with them. I suggest you do too!

    There are many reasons and stories I could tell you about why HerbTools is my favourite online headshop, from their incredible range of glassware to the little things like blunts and gadgets. They always go the extra mile and have unique products I have not found else where. For me they are the best online headshop and for these reasons listed I always stick to them.

    I love smoking all sorts of herbal blends with the pipes I get from the online headshop, but you should never smoke around children because it has some seriously bad effects on them. Cracking a window does not make it ok! Before you make any purchases you should check your local laws as the products offered by the online headshop are not always allowed into your country. USA, UK, Australia and Canada are ok but outside of there I would be cautious and check.

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    Friday 16th December 2016 at 07:45

    This post is very helpful for those who are going to buy smoking accessories for the first time. Discrete packing, tracking number, after sale services all are the very crucial point in buying online. Thank your for this informative post.

    Sunday 18th February 2018 at 17:13

    thanks bro.  I've learned so much reading your stuff and as a matter of fact I recently purchased my first piece of glass bong from the best online head shop ( besides the spoon pipe I've had for years).  Cheers!!

    Wednesday 6th February at 11:21

    Nice blog....!! Thanks for sharing..

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