• Where to buy a bong online

    Where to buy a bong online

    Whether you are trying to buy bongs online or simply want to take a look for a future purchase, there are many different shops you can buy from, but which should you pick? Just as with any product you want to buy online, there is always risk involved and the gamble of which shop to pick. I myself have bought bongs online from just three different shops and have had a great experience with all of them.

    I would recommend bongs from herbtools.co.uk for all your smoking needs, but if these are not the head shops you wish to use, how can you be sure the one you pick will be safe and offer a good customer service? One thing you can do is check YouTube for reviews, but I wouldn't let a few unhappy customers put you off as many people expect way too much from a shop. If the bongs arrive in condition expected and then you break it through rough handling, then let us be fair, you can't expect a free one!

    Where to buy a bong online

    Personally if you want to buy a percolator bong I would go for a honeycomb as they are way stronger than the other types. You can find trees are the most likely to break. I only smoke with glass bongs online as I strongly dislike plastic!

    The most obvious way to check if a head shop is safe to buy from is to search on google for 'company name reviews', obvious change 'company name' to what the head shop is called! But there is still issues with this, you will find that the only people to bother leaving reviews are those who had a bad time. Everyone expects their bongs to arrive on time, but if they don't they leave bad reviews!

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