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  • How to pick an online headshop


    With an online headshop you need to be careful with many things. There are so many online headshops about that you should stop and think about some really important factors before you make your purchase. It is easy to get excited and rush into making your purchase without checking up on some crucial points. Before you rush into anything please give my list a read or head straight over to online headshop - herbtools.co.uk and make a confident purchase as they are the best!


    So if you are looking for bongs check this list:

    • Are their parcels being sent out in plain, discreet boxes?
    • Is their billing going to be private when viewed on your bank statement?
    • Do they give tracking for shipments?
    • Do they have a good reputation and support their customers?
    • Are their prices fair?


    There are many questions you might have, but these are the most critical ones. www.herbtools.co.uk has all of this covered so I always stick with them. I suggest you do too!

    There are many reasons and stories I could tell you about why HerbTools is my favourite online headshop, from their incredible range of glassware to the little things like blunts and gadgets. They always go the extra mile and have unique products I have not found else where. For me they are the best online headshop and for these reasons listed I always stick to them.

    I love smoking all sorts of herbal blends with the pipes I get from the online headshop, but you should never smoke around children because it has some seriously bad effects on them. Cracking a window does not make it ok! Before you make any purchases you should check your local laws as the products offered by the online headshop are not always allowed into your country. USA, UK, Australia and Canada are ok but outside of there I would be cautious and check.

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  • So last week I was thinking of what to buy my brother for his combination of Christmas and birthday present, as he was born on Christmas day, much to my mothers plans! So obviously having gone through a hippy age myself I new the perfect present for a smoker is a brand new sparkly bong! It had been so long since I was a smoker that I had literally zero ideas on where to buy a bong and getting a fragile glass bong delivered in the post felt risky so I got in touch with the best head shop online, which had been recommended by smokers everywhere I visited such as forums etc. A few other popular forum members mentioned I could buy bongs at HerbTools but I decided to go with Lemon-Smoke.com, as they replied to my email within the hour, which was pretty impressive as I normally have to wait at least a day with most places I shop online.

    Head Shops & Bongs


    I had some general questions on how the glass bongs were packaged and if they had a replacement policy if it was damaged on delivery. I Was assured they always replaced any damages quickly with next day delivery to the UK. That was all I needed to know so I went a head on ordered a bong for my brothers birthday and Christmas present. As promised, the glass bongs arrived the very next day and the packaging was very impressive.


    Cheap Percolator Bongs in Glass

    While cheap percolators are very popular with smokers, you should remember that Tobacco is a drug, get info on drugs and drug advice before smoking. It is true that cheap percolator bongs will help remove much more toxins than a joint, but the percolator does not remove everything.

    Everything went nicely to plan as I had the sense to buy some bongs from herbtools.com  in advance, my brother said the bongs he already had were no where near as high quality as his new one and asked me for the head shop I had bought it from, he has even placed a couple of orders with them himself! I would strongly recommend you visit this head shop for all your bong needs, they also have some really cool lighters and smoking accessories to pick from, I didn’t have a huge budget so I didn’t buy any of the extras, but they looked really cool.

    Head Shops & Bongs

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  • You need to buy vaporizers

    When you are looking to buy vaporizers I recommend that you go straight over to my favourite vaporizer shop. They are an online cheap retailer who only stock amazing vaporizers at the lowest prices you can find anywhere. Trust me, I regularly buy smoking products and vaporizers so I know what I am talking about, don't waste your time, your precious time, by looking around as I have already found the best vaporizer shop for you. No need to thank me for my hard work either! Just get yourself a quality product at a cheap price, my friend!

    This vaporizer shop has some awesome products, you can even pick up some really cool rolling papers that you cannot really find anywhere else, especially not in your local shops. What makes these guys even more impressive is the way they handle their customer support, they only took one hour to get back to me which was pretty amazing when compared to the experiences I've had with most online retailers

    After having such a great experience with them I would never bother to look elsewhere. I'm sure my new vaporizer will last me long in to the future, but I am also interested in other smoking pipes and they have a link that will take you to buy some other smoking products that may be of interest.

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  • When you smoke your weed through a concentrate rig, you are considered to be smoking in style. Glass is classic – and incomparable when it comes to getting a fresh clean smoke.

    Choosing the Right Type of Concentrate Rig

    A mini dab rig has the added convenience of being easy to carry around because of its size. You can also opt to put a mini oil rig inside the fridge to cool so you can get a cool smoke when you use it. However, you cannot do this with a small concentrate rig made of glass. The change in temperature will go through when you light a flame to smoke is likely to cause it to crack.
    Concentrate rigs are easy to sculpt and color so you have a wide range of options as far as style and color are concerned. Their cool, unique, beautiful, and fun designs usually compel people to use the dabbing / concentrate rigs as décor and conversation pieces
    Glass concentrate rigs can be cheap. If you are planning to take one with you on a road trip or planning to use it with a group to pass around, a cheap glass concentrate rig is a good choice. If you lose it, you are not going to mind so much.

    So oil bongs are simply a normal bong which has been slightly altered to accept oil. “Bong” is a derivative of the “baung,” a Thai word that refers to the cylindrical bamboo tube that people use to smoke with. If you want an authentic feel from your smoking experience, you can use a bamboo bong. They are durable and not as expensive as glass. They also have a natural or organic appeal. If you want an ornamental bong, you can look for one on which an artist has carved or burned a beautiful intricate design.

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