• When you smoke your weed through a concentrate rig, you are considered to be smoking in style. Glass is classic – and incomparable when it comes to getting a fresh clean smoke.

    Choosing the Right Type of Concentrate Rig

    A mini dab rig has the added convenience of being easy to carry around because of its size. You can also opt to put a mini oil rig inside the fridge to cool so you can get a cool smoke when you use it. However, you cannot do this with a small concentrate rig made of glass. The change in temperature will go through when you light a flame to smoke is likely to cause it to crack.
    Concentrate rigs are easy to sculpt and color so you have a wide range of options as far as style and color are concerned. Their cool, unique, beautiful, and fun designs usually compel people to use the dabbing / concentrate rigs as décor and conversation pieces
    Glass concentrate rigs can be cheap. If you are planning to take one with you on a road trip or planning to use it with a group to pass around, a cheap glass concentrate rig is a good choice. If you lose it, you are not going to mind so much.

    So oil bongs are simply a normal bong which has been slightly altered to accept oil. “Bong” is a derivative of the “baung,” a Thai word that refers to the cylindrical bamboo tube that people use to smoke with. If you want an authentic feel from your smoking experience, you can use a bamboo bong. They are durable and not as expensive as glass. They also have a natural or organic appeal. If you want an ornamental bong, you can look for one on which an artist has carved or burned a beautiful intricate design.

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  • Why Bongs are the Best way to Smoke

    Hands down the best way to smoke is by using bongs (we comment you quit smoking all together! Read the facts). But if you are going to continue smoking then I suggest you buy a bong here, due to their super cheap prices on glass bongs.

    So what makes bongs the best way to smoke? Many people buy water pipes from Smokersplaza because of how fun they are, but unknowingly they are getting a much cleaner and less damaging smoke when compared with the really hot smoke a joint produces.

    When a joint is igniting with a flame it catches on fire, the fire then resides and leaves a red hot 'rock' at the end of the joint. What smokers do not realize is that the temperature of the smoke is really high and causing damage to their lungs and respiratory system. So you might think, well how are bongs better? Well imagine dragging that hot smoke from a pool of cold water! Also imagine running it over a glass surface which catches tars.

    So these two points are both covered when using a bong, sometimes known as 'water bong'. When you compare the smoke from the joint and bong it is immediately clear that glass bongs are the most intelligent way to smoke.

    Most of the time the healthier options are boring, but bongs are not like the vegetable! Bongs are collectibles which take great skull to create and look awesome on a mantelpiece or inside a cabinet. You can modify your bong to make it unique, often people who buy a bong never look back.

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  • Where to buy a bong online

    Whether you are trying to buy bongs online or simply want to take a look for a future purchase, there are many different shops you can buy from, but which should you pick? Just as with any product you want to buy online, there is always risk involved and the gamble of which shop to pick. I myself have bought bongs online from just three different shops and have had a great experience with all of them.

    I would recommend bongs from herbtools.co.uk for all your smoking needs, but if these are not the head shops you wish to use, how can you be sure the one you pick will be safe and offer a good customer service? One thing you can do is check YouTube for reviews, but I wouldn't let a few unhappy customers put you off as many people expect way too much from a shop. If the bongs arrive in condition expected and then you break it through rough handling, then let us be fair, you can't expect a free one!

    Where to buy a bong online

    Personally if you want to buy a percolator bong I would go for a honeycomb as they are way stronger than the other types. You can find trees are the most likely to break. I only smoke with glass bongs online as I strongly dislike plastic!

    The most obvious way to check if a head shop is safe to buy from is to search on google for 'company name reviews', obvious change 'company name' to what the head shop is called! But there is still issues with this, you will find that the only people to bother leaving reviews are those who had a bad time. Everyone expects their bongs to arrive on time, but if they don't they leave bad reviews!

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  • bongs

    What we have here is a double percolator bong with a splash guard, flue styled downpipe and green glass. Now that is the simple description! We could go as far to say, this is a double honeycomb percolator, splash guard, ice notches and built in flue downpipe!


    That is how far bongs have now come, to call this something as simple as a 'glass bong' is almost an insult! This piece is so much more than that!


    This is just a quick example of how bongs are being described these days, more to follow!

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  • My name is Mike and I have a strong passion for smoking through bongs, percolator glass bongs are my favourite but I still like to make blog updates about other types such as diffuser bubblers and the bong modifcations I make! Such as addding precoolers to my bongs, and other upgrades.


    Please subscribe to my blog, you are bound to learn a thing or two about how to improve your bong, even basics such as cleaning your pipe is going to be covered.

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